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Ahmed Naji is an Egyptian novelist and journalist born in Mansoura in 1985. He is the author of three books, Rogers (2007), Seven Lessons Learned from Ahmed Makky (2009) and Using Life (2014), as well as numerous blogs and other articles.

In 2016 Ahmed was sentenced for 2 years in prison after a reader complained that an excerpt published in a literary journal harmed public morality. His imprisonment marks the first time in modern Egypt that an author has been jailed for a work of literature. Writers and literary organizations around the world rallied to support Naji, and he was released in December 2016. His original conviction was overturned in May 2017

He is now fellow at Black Mountain  Institute, Living in Las Vegas

For talk and speak contact me : as.naje [@]

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CAIRO, EGYPT – February 01: Portrait of author Ahmed Naje at The Virginian on February 01, 2017 in Cairo, Egypt. Egyptian writer and journalist Ahmed Naje was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of Òpublishing obscene sexual contentÓ. ( Photo by David Degner / Getty Reportage )